Rapidly towards electrification

In the world of golf, Smart2Move is a big player. The internationally positioned company helps golf professionals and amateurs improve their game literally from the ground up with ingenious Swiss technology. Since its launch in 2015 as a classic start-up, Smart2Move has attracted attention with several innovations. So it is not surprising that they also think innovatively when it comes to mobility and are already striving for 100% electrification of their fleet through their collaboration with Hertz.

Golf is undoubtedly a science in itself. Anyone who plays golf knows how important even the smallest details are in order to manage just a halfway good stroke. The absolutely perfect stroke never really exists, but the best players are definitely very close to it and can keep up their level of play for several hours. On the one hand, they owe this ability to their talent, but on the other hand, to hard training as well. Technological aids are playing an increasingly larger role in this. A few years ago, the focus was still on video studies of movement sequences, but technological development now allows for much more precise methods of analysis. For example, by using dual force plates like those offered by the company Smart2Move. With these, all movements and forces during a stroke can be measured and displayed, which helps players enormously in optimising their swing.

Dual force plates are used in many areas, for example in physiotherapy. Using them for golf, however, was a revolutionary idea at the time Smart2Move was founded in 2015. Two years earlier, in 2013, the French professional golfer Gregory Lebrat presented it to his Swiss colleague Ronald Groeflin, who was one of the best amateur golfers in the country in the 1990s. However, it was not only about making such plates acceptable for golf, but also about offering them in a portable form in order to always be able to use them regardless of the training location. "It was a crazy idea at the time, but we knew we were bringing an innovative and sensational technology to the golf industry that would immediately help every golfer improve their game," recalls Ronald Groeflin.





Smart2Move's dual force plates technology is now used by golf professionals, US colleges, numerous golf performance centres and golf clubs in over 35 countries, among others. Meanwhile, the system has been significantly upgraded again with 3D capability, and at the end of 2022 Smart2Move launched its 3D dual force plates, which can measure and display the vertical, horizontal and lateral forces. In the future, Smart2Move increasingly wants to directly address amateur and hobby golfers as well, and thus make the technology accessible to anyone who wants to improve their game. At the same time, according to Ronald Groeflin, they are already working on the next innovation, but – he lets this remark slip with a wink – as is typical for Switzerland, they want to have fully completed the research and development first before they say anything more about it.


With Hertz from the start

When Smart2Move took its first steps as a company in 2015, mobility was already a big topic. But as is so often the case with start-ups, the capital was meant to be used for other things that were far more important at that moment. "Product development, manufacturing and above all marketing of course cost money that we didn't want to put into vehicles as well," says Ronald Groeflin. Since it was an internationally oriented company from the beginning, the acquisition of a local vehicle fleet would only have made limited sense. "Many potential customers could only be visited by plane anyway. Since from the airport we usually continued with a rental car, the idea of also using rental cars for journeys in Switzerland was born." Since Smart2Move wanted to use a vehicle in Switzerland with as little administrative effort as possible, a car subscription was recommended. Hertz was thus not only the perfect partner for international rentals, but with the then still young subscription product Hertz MiniLease, it was also ideally suited for ensuring local mobility.

Ronald Groeflin (left) and Gregory Lebrat are out and about electrically with Hertz.







Smart2Move now owns its own vehicle, but the majority of the fleet consists of subscribed cars – and still from Hertz. "We have a very good relationship with the team at Hertz Basel and were thrilled with the excellent service right from the start. In addition, thanks to Hertz MiniLease we remain enormously flexible and can increase and decrease the size of the fleet as needed at any time," explains Ronald Groeflin. For him and his team, however, it is also crucial that Hertz moves forward with electrification. "Our own company car is purely electric, so ideally we only want to refuel our subscription vehicles with electricity as well. In this regard, Hertz can already offer a wide range of models, which seems to be growing by the day!"



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