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More benefits for your business

Why rental is (often) better.

Rent a car? That's what you do primarily in the holidays to reach your travel destination in comfort! Rental vehicles are undoubtedly perfect for holidays, but they are also often an ideal solution in the business environment – and not just on business trips. With rental cars from Hertz you travel.

In a more sustainable manner

Although rental vehicles from Hertz require petrol, diesel or electricity, they are much more sustainable than other vehicles that a company buys new. Why? They have already been built! The production of a single car generates millions of tonnes of CO2. With rental cars from Hertz you also benefit from current drive technology, which means that fewer emissions are produced when driving. This applies in particular for the constantly growing fleet of electric cars.

For less cost

A rental vehicle only costs something when it is used, and that is not the case with a fixed fleet of vehicles. Ultimately, a fixed fleet always costs, irrespective of whether the vehicles are stationary or on the move. It is thus obvious that a lot of cash can be saved when vehicles are hired as needed. It is not without cause that fleet experts advise operating a maximum of 80 per cent of a fleet as a fixed component and the remaining 20 per cent as a flexible component.

More fairly

In many companies, company cars are assigned according to the employee's function. This makes sense per se, nevertheless a feeling of injustice can quickly develop among the workforce who have not been considered. This does not happen with rental cars because they are used by the entitled employees for business trips in line with requirements.

In a more space-saving way

Every individual parking space on the company premises costs double: Space that could be used for other purposes, and of course money. Rental cars also require a parking space but that is located at the next Hertz station and does not cost you anything. If a vehicle is required, your Hertz station will quickly deliver it to you. Alternatively, rental cars can also be parked at your company permanently within the framework of space-saving parking space management.

With less stress

With all rental vehicles from Hertz, a fully comprehensive and theft protection insurance is included. Business customers also benefit from a lower deductible. And thanks to the breakdown insurance, which is also included, you and your employees can approach every trip in a relaxed way – this also applies for younger drivers because no supplement is charged for young drivers when they rent a vehicle for business purposes.

As you can see, rental vehicles from Hertz are an interesting solution for companies and organisations of any size. Combine our products to fit your requirements. We would be pleased to put together an offer that meets your requirements at attractive conditions.

Interested? Then we look forward to your enquiry!