Hertz Summit 2023

Welcome to the innovation forum "Hertz Summit 2023"! On 20 September 2023, Hertz Switzerland met with industry leaders, experts, researchers and enthusiasts at the well-known Zurich event location Labor5 to discuss the latest developments, trends and visions in mobility.

The mobility of the future is a topic that concerns us all and is becoming increasingly important. The way we get around has a major impact on our environment, our health and our quality of life. Therefore, it is important that we deal intensively with this topic and find sustainable solutions.

An important aspect of future mobility is spatial planning. Cities must be designed in such a way that they are attractive for all transport users and offer good infrastructure. This means, for example, that pedestrians and cyclists have enough space and that public transport is well developed. At the same time, the needs of car drivers must also be taken into account to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. Another important point is traffic itself. This is about how we will get around in the future. Electromobility, autonomous driving and alternative traffic concepts are just some of the topics that were discussed. It is about how we can make transport more efficient and environmentally friendly and how we can better connect the different means of transport.

The three speakers, Sarah Grossenbacher and Pascal Stolz from Raumprozesse, as well as Sarik Weber as Digital Pioneer, spoke about public space planning and the digital networking of mobility solutions. They gave exciting insights into current projects in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. In his keynote speech, Sarik Weber presented the two case studies SMART City Hamburg and Kopernikus Automotive. Sarah Grossenbacher and Pascal Stolz gave valuable insights into current and future urban and transport planning. They showed successful implementations in the cities of Lucerne and Zurich, as well as their challenges.

The event was moderated by the well-known storytelling expert Ferris Bühler. His charming and dynamic moderation created the right connection between the audience and the speakers. The spontaneous presentation by Swiss AI expert Dalith Stieger-Gablinger turned out to be a real surprise.




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